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Dr. Walker
I was raised in Kansas City, Missouri and have lived in Texas, western Colorado, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. I moved to the Phoenix area in 2008. I have worked in the counseling field for over 25 years, as an educator and counselor. I obtained a Ph.D. In Counselor Education in 1996, and subsequently taught for the next 15 years at various universities, including Northern Arizona University (Phoenix campus, 2008-2011). I enjoyed training and mentoring graduate students to be professional counselors in a number of settings, including agencies and schools. In 2011 I became the president of the Arizona Counselors Association (AzCA). During that time we collaborated with other organizations to guide the Board of Behavioral Health Examiners in making substantive and positive changes to benefit counselors and those applying or licensure in Arizona. Additionally, I served as editor for three AzCA journals, most recently in 2014.

I have practiced individual and family counseling in agency settings, as well as group counseling. I currently facilitate a therapy group for stroke survivor at a nursing facility. I started my private practice in 2011 in Sun City West, and moved to Sun City in 2014. I am a generalist, in that I work with people struggling with anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and grief. I also provide couple counseling. I work with clients 15 and older. I have contracted with Mercy Care ALTCS (Long Term Care), for over 5 years. Clients I work with through Mercy Care have significant medical challenges, such as strokes. I consider myself to have expertise in working with clients who struggle with significant medical illnesses and pain. I really enjoy collaborating with clients to move toward an optimal level of life satisfaction.

I enjoy traveling, including a number of countries throughout Europe, as well as Canada. I really love the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. I enjoy hiking, and am a member of a book club and supper club. I love what I do as a professional counselor in private practice.

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