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For over 25 years I haved helped my clients to improve their quality of life, happiness, and sense of inner peace.


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I believe that every individual possesses a reservoir of strength and resilience. Sometimes when faced with difficulties, individuals overlook the resources that they do have. Clients are the experts in their lives. My approach is very collaborative. My goal is to work with clients to develop better coping skills, manage anxiety, depression, navigate difficult life transitions, and improve communication skills and relationships.

I see myself as a guide in helping clients to improve their quality of life, happiness, and sense of inner peace. I believe that providing a climate of empathy and unconditional acceptance will help clients thrive and discover new possibilities in their lives. In order to accomplish this, a treatment plan containing specific goals and objectives is developed with each client. Examples of client goals might include learning to recognize and reframe negative thoughts which create obstacles to happiness, or practicing relaxation techniques on a daily basis. Clients must be willing to commit to the goals and objectives listed on their treatment plan in order for the counseling to be successful.

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Over 25 Years of Experience

With a Ph.D. In Counselor Education I have experience in individual and family counseling in agency settings, as well as group counseling.

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High-quality, affordable counseling services in the North West Valley.

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